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Filmmaker . Writer. Director .

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I'm a multi-award winning screenwriter and director, passionate about film and filmmaking, based in the South East of England.

I studied Film Studies, Digital Media Production and History at A-Level before moving on to do a BA (Hons) degree in Film Production at UCA Farnham.

I have worked on 14 shorts films since 2015 in a number of roles including writer, director, editor and cinematographer. In addition to my work on these short films, in 2021 I worked as a Location Marshal for the critically acclaimed HBO TV series House of the Dragon.

I have also written eight Feature Film screenplays and am currently working on a TV mini-series. On top of this I have written numerous shorts for both myself and others, including animated films.

My short film scripts have regularly received praise from tutors and peers. A recent short film script received feedback commending my ‘confident, complex world building’ and describing the script as ‘fresh and innovative’. Another recent short script was awarded 'Best Short Script' at the Art Stream International Film Festival in Amsterdam.

In my writing I like to put my focus and passion into unique, interesting characters and seeing where those characters take me narratively in a way which reflects real life rather than the tropes of cinema. I mostly enjoy writing romantic, coming-of-age stories with humour, but often these have some kind of twist on the genre.

My favourite films, and the films that influence me the most, are coming-of-age stories, such as Submarine (2010), Cinema Paradiso (1988) & Rushmore (1998), as well French New Wave films of the 1960s and the work of Jacques Demy.

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