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Screenplays - Shorts

Here I have listed all of the short film screenplays I have written. For obvious reasons the scripts themselves are not uploaded, but if you are interested in reading anything feel free to get in contact.

Perfect Stranger.jpg

Perfect Stranger (Thriller)
- Produced

After an accident Adam wakes up from a coma to find nobody knows who he is, apart from one woman whom he feels he's known his whole life but doesn't remember ever meeting.

My first screenplay, written in college where I also produced it myself. I am currently re-drafting it to remake the project.

Slipping Through My Fingers (or Meow-Ma Mia) (Comedy)
- Produced

Whilst taking out the bins Chloe encounters a man in her garden, with a gun pointed at her cat. In a strange turn of events Chloe invites the man into her home and introduces him to the joys of Mamma Mia.

My first shot at writing in the style I find most enjoyable now. I wrote the first draft very quickly in an afternoon, but I'm happy with the final result and I have been developing it for a feature.

Perfect Day .jpg

Such A Perfect Day (Thriller) 
- Unproduced

John has been having trouble with a recurring nightmare about the death of his family, because of this he decides to visit a man who promises he can put an end to it all.

Written very quickly for a screenwriting lesson of film studies. Praised by my tutor for the use of descriptive language to evoke a particular atmosphere.

The Salesman (Drama) 
- Unproduced

Adam answers the door to a strange old man who attempts to sell him a commemorative Moon Landing mug, 50 years too late. Adam passes this off as a humourous event, but maybe there is more to this salesman than originally obvious…

Written for a digital media task on adapting a story where the class was given the same prompt and asked to write our own versions.

Katie's Birthday.jpg

Katie's Birthday (Comedy-Drama) 
- Unproduced

Katie has woken up early, excited for her birthday, little does she know there's a burglary in process downstairs...

Written for my university screenwriting unit in a few days. I would like to produce this in the near future.

As Yet Untitled (Sci-Fi Drama) 
- Unproduced

Tristan is a film writer in the far flung future of 1999. Having trouble with deadlines because of lost sleep his boss gifts him a pillow, which seems to give him visions of a new world which he doesn't quite recognise...

Written for my university screenwriting unit. This was my first attempt at the concept of a memory foam pillow with real memories (which I developed to production in Meet Frank). The screenplay received praise from my tutor in regards to the world-building.

As Yet Untitled.jpg

Dibs (Animation)
- Produced

Co-Written by Henry Dudman


Cat-burglars Guy and Swan try to outsmart each other to steal a museum's prized necklace.

Written for my housemate from their story. This was an interesting challenge to write and allowed me to write things I might not have been able to do in live-action. 
For the same housemate I also helped to write an animated advert for the charity CATTS.

Two and a Half Burglars (Comedy)
- Produced

Co-Written by Zoe Hodgson

A down-on-his-luck man, Nick, teams up with a child to stop a burglar in the child's house.

Co-written for my second year university short film project. The film was produced but due to some difficulties on the shoot the finished film hardly resembles the original script.


Tale as Old as Time (Animation, Fantasy)
- In Development

Story by Myself and William NcNally


A classic story of prince rescues princess, with a not so classic twist to the typical fantastical story...​

Written from a story by a friend who is also producing and directing the project. Developed originally as a one page comedy sketch, we expanded it to around 2-3 minutes to allow us to create a humourous fantasy, Disney-esque world.

Charlie and the Starman (Comedy)
- Unproduced

Working late at night at petrol station Charlie encounters an extra-terrestrial visitor...

Written over one day for a university screenwriting unit.

Amsterdam Art Stream White.png
New Renaissance Laurel.png

Maxwell's Neighbours (Comedy)
- Unproduced

Bored 8-year-old Maxwell notices his neighbour's strange comings-and-goings, inspired by TV spy stories him and his friend Bobby decide to investigate...

Written for my screenwriting unit. I'm really proud of this script and would love to make it soon. Selected for the Art Stream International Film Festival, winner of the 'Best Short Screenplay' award.

Meet Frank (or Perfect Sunset Man) (Romantic-Comedy)
- Produced

Frank, a lonely man coasting by in life, is gifted a memory foam pillow by his over-barring mother. Frank soon discovers this pillow contains real memories, memories of a girl whom Frank believes to be the woman of his dreams... 

My university graduation film. Currently entering festivals. A second go at the concept of a memory-foam pillow with real memories, but this time vaguely within the romantic-comedy genre.


The Pier - A Musical (Musical Romance)
- In Development

Successful aging filmmaker Marcel returns to his hometown which he left as a teenager and he begins to reminisce on the life and love he left behind.

Originally developed for my university graduation project, however production difficulties delayed this. I'm currently planning on developing it for production after graduation.

The Unstoppable Beauty of Life (Coming-of-Age)
- Unproduced

15-year-old MARCEL has a lot of things on his mind as he approaches 16, but top of the list is Mollie McCoy from History class...

A short film adapted from my feature of the same name. I intend to use this as a proof of concept for the longer script in the near future.


Two People Meet (Comedy Drama)
- In Development

Tarquin and Anna meet once, and then again, and then again. By each brief encounter they've grown and changed just a little bit more.

Written as a dialogue exercise that I could also shoot with friends on no-budget. Also written as response to a criticism of my work being 'coincidental'

The First (French) Man on the Moon (Comedy, Animation)
- Unproduced

Story by Myself and Isobel Holmes


M. Fromage is on a cycle-ride through the French countryside and accidently ends up on the first French mission to the Moon.

A humourous short written around the funny image of a stereotypical Frenchman eating cheese on the Moon.


Catching Up (Rom-Com--Drama)
- Unproduced

Margot and Casper have a history, as they catch up on a walk we start to learn about this past...


An exercise in writing about coincidence and chance within a style and genre I love.

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